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About the German Bible Society

We are a non-profit Church foundation committed to making the Bible accessible to everyone. We want to bring people the Bible at an affordable price, in a language they understand and in a form that takes account of latest technical developments. Our aim is to bring God's Word to people in such a way that it opens itself up to them and provides a firm foundation for their lives.

Publishing is a key element of our work. We publish the Luther Bible on behalf of the German Protestant Church. Our catalogue covers everything from Bible translations such as the Luther Bible and the Gute Nachricht Bibel (comparable to the American Good News Bible) through Children's Bibles and materials to help people understand the Bible to specialised literature and scholarly original text editions which are recognised and used around the world. Many titles are published digitally as well as in printed form.

Another area of focus is academic research into the original biblical texts. In collaboration with the Institute for New Testament Text Research in M√ľnster and with professors from around the world, we work continuously on improving the original text editions of the Old and New Testaments. Having supported biblical text research for many years, we can answer any question relating to the Bible and Bible translation.

In addition, we are part of a worldwide network working to promote the Bible. Our Weltbibelhilfe (World Bible Support) initiative raises funds for the international project work of the United Bible Societies (UBS). Through this worldwide organisation of 145 national Bible Societies, we support the translation, production and distribution of Bibles, since there are still many people around the world waiting for the opportunity to read God's Word in their own language.

And - last but not least - we coordinate missionary activities relating to the Bible in Germany. Whether supporting the work of regional Bible Societies, sending a modern 'BibelMobil' bus on the road or developing a television programme, our activities have one aim: conveying the Bible's message to people in a way that is both meaningful and attractive and which will encourage them to place it at the centre of their lives.

More information at the German Bible Societie's homepage.